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Kim Kardashian Argues That She's Too Famous for Makeup Artist to Sue Her

By TheBlast Staff

Kim Kardashian is fighting back against a trademark infringement lawsuit by saying she has over 100 million fans that buy her products, so she doesn’t need to rip off a famous makeup artist to get people to buy her line.

Kardashian was sued last year by famous Danish makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, who accused the reality star of ripping off her international KW Cosmetics when Kim launched her KKW product line.

She accused Kim of infringing on her trademark deliberately, which she believed was intended to dupe customers and screw with Weis' bottom line.

The makeup artist sued demanding an injunction to prevent Kim from continuing to sell her product under the KKW mark. She also asked for all profits the reality star made to be turned over, plus additional damages.

Kim has denied all allegations she ripped off the artist and demanded the lawsuit be thrown out.

On October 22, Kim K. filed docs in the legal battle asking for the judge to side with her once and for all. The reality star is pleading for the case to be over and all claims against her dismissed.

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian argues that the evidence obtained since the lawsuit was filed shows there is no case. Kim points out she is a "world-famous television celebrity" and she had no intent to deceive the public when she branded her line with her own initials.

Kim Kardashian throws a little shade at Weis, saying her line has had “historically modest sales” since being sold in 2010. She says neither her nor Weis have encountered a single customer who has confused KKW Beauty with Kjaer Weis products.

The response states, "The absence of a shred of evidence showing real consumers suffering actual confusion is enormously telling and weighs heavily in favor of a finding that there exists no likelihood of confusion as a matter of law."

Kardashian also points out their products look nothing alike and says Weis targets high-end consumers, while her products aim for the lower end consumers with much cheaper products.

She explains, “Considering Kardashian’s fame and access to over 100 million social media followers, no rational inference can be drawn that she would need or want to trick the public into associating her products with Kjaer Weis in order to gain exposure or traction.”

Kim Kardashian is pleading for the judge to grant her motion and dismiss the entire case.

The case remains ongoing.

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