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Kim Kardashian's Former House Sale Obligated Her to Promote Music and Fame for Ukranian Billionaire

By TheBlast Staff

If you've ever wondered what it takes to ensure Kim Kardashian promotes your career and guarantees exposure to her millions of social media followers, we have the answer: $17.8 million.

That's how much Ukranian billionaire Marina Acton paid when she purchased Kim and Kanye West's Bel-Air mansion back in November, along with a very important clause that Kim needed to help make the wealthy home buyer famous.

In what seems like a genius business move on Kim's part, sources close to the real estate deal tell us Acton has dreams of becoming a singer and is a big fan of Kim. When they bought Kimye's home, we're told they paid WAY over what the property was worth because of the Kardashian connection.

Kim and Kanye bought the property for $9 million in 2013, and although they had done extensive remodeling, walked away with a huge profit thanks to the Actons. We're told as part of the actual contact for the deal sale, Kim agreed to promote Marina's budding career on her own social media and even hung out with her in public and at industry events.

The deal also included a certain amount of public appearances, which Kim appeared to fulfill since the sale. One specific deal point included that she would attend Acton's single release party of her "new friend" for her song, "Fantasize." The two were also seen going out to dinner and parading in front of the paparazzi at Craig's in Los Angeles.

Sources familiar with the situation believe this is the first real estate deal in history that incorporated social media and music promotion as a caveat.

We're told the Actons never fully moved into Kimye's home, and are now trying to flip it and recoup their money at an asking price of $18 million.

For those interested, Marina will probably give the Kardashian special and go out to dinner a few times to close the deal.

Kim Kardashian

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