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Kim Kardashian Gave Us a Shout Out! But Let Us Clear Something Up For You

By TheBlast Staff

Kim Kardashian just filmed a segment for "Elle" correcting headlines about her famous family and one of the headlines featured ? drumroll please ? The Blast!

The video is a pretty funny bit where Kim goes through stories written about the KarJenners and tries to re-write or correct them. Featured in the group is The Blast's story regarding Khloé Kardashian launching her own makeup line.

Kim says, "I saw that online, I forgot to ask her." (Um, Kim reads The Blast ??) She added, "So, I don't think that's true at all."

Alas, it is true ... but since Khloé is about to give birth and Kim has a new baby at home, let us give you the documents so you can check it off your too do list.

Like we previously reported, Khloé is the next Kardashian sister jumping into the cosmetics game. See below.

Exhibit A:

Khloé's trademark application for "KOKO KOLLECTION" and "KOKO KOLLECTION BY KHLOE KARDASHIAN" for the purpose of "cosmetics."
Exhibit B:

Khloé's signature

There it is! Proof that the KarJenner stronghold in cosmetics is growing.

(If we're being honest, we're really just humble-bragging that Kim reads The Blast.)

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