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Khloé Kardashian & Kendall Jenner Rally Around Suspended Fan Accounts

By TheBlast Staff

KarJenner devotees are scrambling as social media fan accounts for the "KUWTK" stars are being terminated at alarming rates, and now the celebs are coming out in defense of their social followings.

Khloé Kardashian and Kendall Jenner both shared their thoughts on the matter, encouraging fans to continue posting and pleading with social media platforms to quit reprimanding them.

"It really bothers me that accounts are being suspended for simply posting images," Khloé posted on Instagram Wednesday. She continues by showing her appreciation to those who spend countless hours devoting themselves to her famous family.

"I see all your love and time being spent. Thank you again!!" she wrote. "I'm sorry that people are making it so challenging to show your love and support ☹️ I love you guys!"


Kendall is on the same page as her older sister, reposting a message of support from famous KarJenner hairdresser Jen Atkin that reads: "I see you cuties and am grateful for the time you take to show love, tag us in pics, and help me get great pics from the work we do," adding, "I'm sorry people are making it difficult for you to show that love!"

The model also personalized the message with her own thought, writing, "ahhhh! stop taking accounts down! i love them sooo muchhhh."

Instagram and other platforms have made it a practice to suspend or terminate accounts that violate copyright laws by posting photos and videos from paparazzi agencies.

The Kardashians are the undisputed Queens of social media though, so it's interesting to see how this will shake out.

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