Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey’s Sexual Battery Accuser Trashes Actor’s Creepy Christmas Video

One of the men accusing Kevin Spacey of sexual battery claims the star’s infamous YouTube video was actually just a way for him to embody a “sociopathic villain who cheats, lies, and murders,” and took the message as a direct threat.

According to the lawsuit filed against the former “House of Cards” star by an unnamed masseuse who claims he was assaulted by the actor in 2016 while giving him a massage at his home in Malibu, John Doe is upset Spacey has been demanding the accuser publicly reveal his identity and not hide behind a pseudonym.

Doe mentions Spacey’s YouTube video, “Let Me Be Frank,” and believes the actor released a “bizarre, unsettling and threatening video” as a response to the sexual battery accusations.

He claims Spacey, “embodies his infamous antihero character Frank Underwood,” from “House of Cards,” who is described as a “sociopathic villain who cheats, lies, and murders in order to gain power and move up the political ladder.”

Doe believes Spacey made the video as a threat, and believes the video, along with the motion to force a name reveal, is a retaliatory tactic to inflict punishment and fear on the accusers.

He also feels Spacey will use any revealed names to incite public support and try to turn fans against the alleged victims.

The man, who sued Spacey for sexual battery, gender violence, battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment, is demanding that Spacey’s motion to publicly reveal his name be shut down.