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Kevin Spacey's Sexual Assault Attorney Helped Send Phil Spector to Prison for Murder

By TheBlast Staff

Kevin Spacey may have chosen wisely when he tapped a Los Angeles-based attorney to handle his sexual assault case in Nantucket, because the guy has a proven track record including one case that made him nationally famous.

Spacey, aside from releasing bizarre videos, has retained defense attorney Alan Jackson to handle his charges in Massachusetts, and Jackson is no stranger to dealign with high-profile cases.

The 53-year-old served as a Head Deputy Assistant for the Los Angeles District Attorney for 18 years, and was tasked with prosecuting many of the division's major cases.

Jackson was one of the lead prosecutors who successfully convicted Phil Spector for the murder of Lana Clarkson in 2009, which was a major win for the L.A. District Attorney's office.

His closing arguments during the Spector trial painted a scathing picture of the infamous music producer, and held in high regard by critics of the case.

The success from the Spector conviction eventually led to Jackson being named "Prosecutor of the Year." He later left the public sector in 2013 after losing the election for the Los Angeles D.A. to Jackie Lacy.

Jackson has already had a rough go in Nantucket, where he unsuccessfully argued that video evidence does not prove Spacey should be charged with groping the son of Boston news anchor, Heather Unruh.

However, he touts "high-stakes" experience in similar cases on his law firm site, where Jackson says he recently represented an heir to an unnamed royal family who was accused of rape and other sex rimes. Jackson says after an "exhaustive investigation," the D.A. rejected all criminal charges.

Spacey is definitely hoping for a similar outcome, as the former "House of Cards" star is due to be arraigned in January.

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