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Kevin Smith Has Lost 26 Pounds in Less Than a Month!

By TheBlast Staff

Kevin Smith recently had a serious health scare and it seems like he's making his recovery a major priority — the producer just announced that he's lost nearly 30 lbs in less than a month.

Smith has been anything but silent about his health and recovery. He tweeted from the hospital last month after suffering a "massing heart attack" and has been open about the weight loss goals that his doctor put him on.

The "Clerks" star recently credited his massive weight loss to a unique diet that magician Penn Jillette recommends in his best-selling weight loss book. Smith consumed only potatoes for two weeks under Jillette's program and lost 20lbs in a matter of weeks.

(Before you get excited, those taters were probably not in the form of french fries.)

Now Silent Bob is down 26 lbs on his road to hitting the doctor recommended 50 and said in a tweet that his heart attack "was the best thing that ever happened" for his health.

Someone go get us some ? ? ? STAT.

Doctors orders.

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