Kevin Hart Admits He Was Hammered When He Tried to Go On Super Bowl Stage

Kevin Hart may not actually be on the Philadelphia Eagles, but he partied like he won last night.

Hart just shared a video — clearly still tipsy from celebrating — explaining he shouldn’t have tried to get on stage when the Eagles accepted the Vince Lombardi trophy.

In case you missed it, the “Jumanji” star tried his hardest to get on stage, but got shut down on camera by a security guard.

The comedian says, “When alcohol’s in your system you do dumb stuff,” but then proclaims, “Who gives a shit!?  Fly Eagles, fly!”

He also dropped an F-bomb during an NFL Network interview, but we’ll chalk that one up to the alcohol, too.

Try and find a person in Philadelphia that doesn’t look — and feel — like Kevin Hart this morning.