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Kevin Hart Accused of Jacking 'LOL' Comedy Franchise

By TheBlast Staff

Kevin Hart makes almost everyone laugh ... because one guy is claiming the comedian stole his "Laugh Out Loud" franchise and started raking in cash, and now he's aiming to be the one laughing all the way to the bank.

Scott Montoya says he's the owner of "Laugh Out Loud Comedy Productions," which claims to distribute stand-up comedy content on various platforms.

Last year, Hart applied for three separate trademarks for "Laugh Out Loud" related to a new comedy venture he started with Lionsgate. Montoya has already opposed those trademarks.

Montoya claims he sent a cease and desist to Hart and even attempted settlement negotiations, but was not successful.

He says Hart is leaching off the brand that has already "been seen by tens of millions of people over the past 8 years."

Montoya claims Hart has been going around scooping up other domains and intellectual properties related to "LOL," hindering his ability to do business.

He wants an injunction against Hart for using any "LOL" trademarks, along with all profits that the comedian has made off the mark.

We reached out to Hart, so far no word back.

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