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Kevin Hart Extortion, Possible Smoking Gun Obtained by Authorities

By TheBlast Staff

Investigators may have the key piece of evidence needed to arrest the suspects behind the plot to extort Kevin Hart, and if they can prove authenticity, it could be the smoking gun in the case.

Law enforcement sources tell The Blast, they received a copy of an online conversation between two individuals who are currently persons of interest in the case. In the copy, it appears the two are discussing how to extort Kevin to the tune of millions of dollars.

Sources tell us investigators are in possession of the direct message chain between the two individuals after it was circulated around the web, and are currently trying to confirm its authenticity. As we first reported, investigators for the Los Angeles County District Attorney will file search warrants to obtain specific information about all online conversations and emails related to the case.

The messages obtained by the Blast, start with how to get maximum value out of Hart, with one person writing "if they offer anything under 6 figs i put a clip on my site. They'll pay."

The implication is that if part of Hart's sex tape leaks, he will pony up the millions of dollars that were being demanded. The DM continues, "Let$ get paid!!!!!" The emoji for money bags is also included.

The other person seems to make a reference to editing the tape by saying, "One d finish choppin it up you won't know what's what."

As The Blast previously reported, the tape itself is highly edited and produced with audio of Hart's interviews dubbed over it.

We're told if investigators authenticate the messages they will then determine if they were in fact generated by the suspects already on their radar.

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