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Kevin Hart Attempted to Catch Extortionists Red-Handed with Cash Drop

By TheBlast Staff

Kevin Hart tried to set up an in-person meeting with his team and the individuals responsible for extorting him, but the plan went south when the person making the deal suddenly got cold feet.

Law enforcement sources tell us they are in possession of correspondence between Hart's team and the party behind the alleged sex tape after negotiations were underway to drop off a large stack of cash in exchange for the tape. We're told they agreed on a place in Los Angeles, and the suspects were adamant on a public venue.

The person representing themselves as the agent for the tape pulled out last minute, telling Hart's team, "Something is not residing well within my gut. This is not my first rodeo. Situations such as this, have never taken this long."

They also imply extorting celebrities is par for the course, writing, "I have never had to correspond to this extent, meet, nor talk with anyone. It is always quite simple. Celebrities are exposed every day."

We're told Hart's team was hoping the exchange would identify the culprits, but once it fell through, they immediately contacted LAPD and the FBI and handed over all their information.

The Blast broke the story, investigators believe Kevin Hart was targeted by a sophisticated group of extortionists claiming they would release an alleged sex tape of the comedian unless he paid them over $10,000,000.

Sources inside the investigation tell us the demands got as high as $15,000,000.

The elaborate production of the sex tape, along with the highly technical ways the suspects concealed their identity, led cops to believe the plan was hatched by more than one person.

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