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Ken Bone Says Viral Fame Is to Blame for Son's Suspension Over Gun Photo

By TheBlast Staff


11:23 AM: Ken just called and told us he spoke with the principal and his son is cleared to return to school on Monday. The Blast spoke with the school and they confirmed the "Investigation has been completed" and little Bone is allowed to go back to class. They would not reveal the details of the investigation, but the result makes it pretty clear they deducted the photo was not a threat. The photo remains active on his Twitter account.

As far as Bone's theory about star power being responsible for landing his son in hot water, the school tells us the initial decision "Wasn’t based on who he was at all, we don’t operate like that." The school official also told us Bone is a common name in the area ... who knew?!

Ken Bone, the crimson-colored sweater man who went viral during the 2016 Presidential debate, is upset that his son was suspended over a controversial photo and believes that the boy was punished because of his own celebrity.

Bone tells The Blast his teenage son was suspended from high-school last week after school officials became upset over an old photo he had posted of his son at a firing range shooting a large rifle.

The famously undecided voter says he tweeted the photo as a response to a Parkland shooting survivor who was reportedly questioned by officials after he posted his own photos at a firing range with an AR-15. Bone says, "I saw that and decided to reply with my similar experience with my son from over a year ago to show that he didn't do anything wrong." He also notes that the photo was taken before his son was even enrolled in the school.

Bone says an administrator from his son's school saw his tweet and reached out to inform him that his son would be suspended until law enforcement investigates the matter. We're told Bone has not yet been contacted by law enforcement, but authorities are scheduled Friday to meet with the principal.

The 59-year-old Belleville, IL resident says he's bothered by the situation, and believes his almost 200,000 followers are the reason his family is being punished. Bone is adamant, "We didn’t do anything wrong and my son definitely didn’t do anything wrong, he didn't even post it," continuing, "If I had 11 followers I don't think this would have even happened."

Bone says the decision of when his son can return to school lies in the hands of the principal after the investigation is completed. He's hoping the entire situation is worked out in a "Civil and reasonable manner."

And if you don't remember why Ken Bone became famous, let us revisit the glory of the Bone Zone.

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