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Katy Perry Bomb Threat Targets Home of Innocent Bystander

By TheBlast Staff

There's a danger in buying a home that used to be owned by a celebrity — you might get your house blown up by someone who hates Katy Perry.

The LAPD launched an investigation after the West LA police station received a call on June 10 from a man threatening to kill Perry.

According to court documents, the caller said he had a bomb and was going to blow himself up at Perry's house and gave her address. Before hanging up, the caller said, "F**k Katy Perry! I hate Katy Perry and she's going to die."

Katy Perry bomb threat

Two detectives visited the home and found out that not only did Perry NOT live there, but neither did Russell Brand, Perry's ex, who did own the house at one point after the two split.

The current resident told police they noticed no suspicious activity and they were unaware of any previous threats. But just to be safe, the resident asked police to bring in the K9 unit to sniff for bombs, but nothing was found.

Police are using phone records to attempt to identify the caller.

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