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BET News Host Marc Lamont Hill: Kanye West Can Gain Fans Being Conservative ... Look at Roseanne!

By TheBlast Staff

Is Kanye West's recent conservative streak simply a page from the playbook of Roseanne Barr?

Our photog in New York City caught up on Wednesday with BET News host and CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill, who said he believes that Kanye is alienating his fanbase with his conservative musings.

"I think you can have a conservative rapper," Hill says. "I think you already have conservative rappers, I know some of them. They just don't say it out loud, they don't say it on their records, they don't tweet it. But for Kanye to come out and say he loves Trump — he also said he doesn't agree with everything Trump says — but to even offer support for Trump at a moment when Trump is hated by most of his fanbase, it's a tough thing, it's a controversial thing, it's a dangerous thing."

But while Kanye West might be losing some of his loyal fans — and pissing off people like Snoop Dogg and John Legend — it's possible he might be gaining a whole new fanbase.

Hill says, "Kanye could gain some fans by saying he's pro-Trump. Look at the show 'Roseanne.' It's a pro-Trump show and their ratings are through the roof. So we've seen evidence of this. And the truth is if Kanye's music is as good as it always is — if Kanye makes great music, great beats, great rhymes — people are still going to buy it."

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