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Kanye West Sued Over His Attempts to Get Out of His Music Contract

Kanye West has been slapped with a federal lawsuit by his music publisher, who is furious that the rapper is trying to get out of his publishing deal.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, EMI is suing Kanye and his music companies, accusing him of trying to renege on deals he signed with them.

They claim to have worked with West for years and signed his last contract extension in 2014. They claim to have paid him “substantial compensation … including tens of millions of dollars in advance payments alone.”

The suit says, “EMI is entitled to a declaratory judgment that the 2003 Agreement between EMI and West, as modified and extended by the Modifications, is a valid and binding agreement under applicable New York law, and remains in full force and effect.”

Earlier this year, Kanye West sued song publisher EMI claiming his deal was unfair and illegal and wanted his deal found void. He believed the deal should have expired in 2010 and sued for ownership of his music catalog.

Both cases are ongoing.