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Kanye West Parts Ways with Longtime Manager and Lawyers After Giving Ultimatum

By TheBlast Staff

Kanye West and manager Scooter Braun have severed professional ties in the music world as the rapper continues to wall himself off from his closest advisors.

According to sources close to Kanye, Braun, along with music lawyers Howard King and Peter Paterno are no longer working with the star.

We're told Kanye made an ultimatum to his top confidantes that they had to leave their respective businesses and become "In-house" employees for the Yeezy brand. Braun and the lawyers refused to abandon their other clients, and decided it was time to move on from Kanye.

We're told Kanye's been advised that cutting his team loose while he prepares to drop a ton of new music is not the greatest plan, especially considering the legal hurdles that come with putting out a new album. For his part, Kanye doesn't think he needs music management around him right now, and plans on going forward without a manager.

Sources tell us many of the people that stood by Kanye's side and witnessed his breakdown in 2016 are now being cast out, and those people are very worried for Yeezy's mental health and well-being. Specifically, this is the team who has been with him over 2 years and guided him through the tough times. We are told there is a possibility for the group to work together on other projects.

As we reported, Kanye's inner circle is deeply worried for the rapper's mental health, despite the Kardashian family claiming he's "Never been better."

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