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Kanye West's Friend, Malik Yusef, Questions Ye's Loyalty While Denying He Stole Money

By TheBlast Staff

The man who allegedly scammed designer Phillip Plein into thinking he had booked Kanye West for NYFW is now going on the offensive, claiming he didn't steal any money and questioning Kanye's loyalty to anyone not wearing a MAGA hat.

Artist and poet Malik Yusef has been on a Twitter rampage since The Blast first identified him as the man behind the alleged duping of Plein for over $900,000.

"I am a little surprised that my friend and brother Kanye West would so easily protect, defend and profess so much love 4 his new friend Donald Trump but have none of that [energy] 4 someone who has been there every step of the way and is being attacked," Yusef lamented on social media.

Yusef is not pulling punches, claiming Kanye cares more about his image with Donald Trump and the Republican party than his old buddy from Chicago.

He adamantly continued, "No I did not steal any money from Kanye West no I did not steal any money from Phillip Plein. Yusef said he has found out where the allegations started from mutual friends, and "I wouldn't believe what my mans life is these days."

Sources close to the situation tell The Blast Yusef is placing all the blame on Kanye, claiming he agreed to do the event at NYFW and then changed his mind at the last minute. However, sources close to Ye believe the poet acted on his own and scoff at the notion Kanye was aware of the deal Yusef made.

As for the $900,000 in question, it appears Yusef is wondering where the money went, also. "Let's just do the math, where is the money?" he asked, adding, "Where is Kanye West and Phillip Plein and who would have an agenda to make Ye look like a victim of the strongest MALE FORCE in his life, also to discredit a DESIGNER who is hated by the field that he thrives in?"

As we reported, the money for the deal was to be paid to the Donda Social Program Foundation, and that six children from the foundation dressed in Plein's clothes. Obviously, that is not going to happen now, and Yusef is scrambling to make it clear he did not do Kanye dirty.

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