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Kanye West Livestreams a Fire Pit for Two Hours During 'Epic' Album Listening Party

By TheBlast Staff


9:50 PM PT: Ok, the album was pretty great. When Kanye finally came out 3 hours after start time, he was wearing the track list on his clothes. The album is apparently titled, "YE."

Verses touch on his relationship with Kim, his struggles with mental health; and even Tristan Thompson and Stormy Daniels got shoutouts.

9:00 PM PT: Ok Warriors win finals game 1 124-114 and it looks like this is getting ready to go underway. Kanye is walking through the crowd of people with Kim Kardashian by his side.

8:35 PM PT: The Warriors and Cavaliers game has gone into overtime, this could be a while. Enjoy the fire, and kudos to the guys who have been splitting giant logs for the past 2.5 hours to keep that thing roaring.

Kanye West gathered journalists and media personalities from around the country to descend on Jackson Hole, Wyoming and listen to ... a cracking fire.

Yeezy's album was on everybody's mind Thursday as hundreds of people headed out to his mountain sanctuary. Then Kanye announced he was going to just livestream the event for all the non-chosen people (like us) to check out the experience.

Of course the livestream was touted on a new app everyone had to download, and as peopled tuned in at the given time to listen to the magic, they were given ... to be honest a beautiful Wyoming sunset ... but no music.

Jonah Hill and Chris Rock are there though, so it's not a total loss if nothing actually happens. Scooter Braun also claim crawling back to Ye after he was publicly fired a few weeks ago, and he was seen following Kanye around in the back of the livestream.

The action is sure to get underway soon enough, as Yeezy has graciously provided food for his guests before the show, and also given them official Kanye listening party swag.

Maybe it wasn't the best planning to have it go down right in the middle of NBA finals, so it's possible they're waiting for Warriors and the Cavs to finish up.

It's definitely all a lot of build up, let's see if this will truly be worth the trouble ... or just another version of Kanye trolling everyone.

Kanye West Livestream Fire

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