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Kanye West Meets With L.A. Community Leader Big U About Giving Back to Inner-City Kids

By TheBlast Staff

The being formerly known as Kanye West is doing something positive after setting the Internet ablaze with his comments on President Trump and the 13th Amendment, and spent the last moments of his controversial weekend channeling his stardom and power into a good cause.

YE spent some time with Eugene Henley, a community leader in Los Angeles known as Big U who was once a leader of the Rollin' 60s neighborhood of the Crips street gang. He now dedicates his life to building the community and setting up programs for children to help keep them out of the gang life.

Big U tells The Blast he is launching a new program in L.A. aimed at setting up multiple learning centers across the city by converting portable storage units into drop-off locations for children to have access to developmental tools like books, science kits and toys to help develop motor skills, like Legos.

U says the idea is to provide anything to "get the kids to learn using their hands." He's hoping enlisting the help of celebrities, including athletes and musicians, will bring awareness to the project and help the dream become a reality.

Yeezus showed up to the youth football league team dinner for the Crenshaw Rams and pledged to "do something even bigger." He wasn't specific on how he wanted to get involved, but we're told the hip-hop star seemed "genuine" and serious about wanting to help.

At the meeting Kanye was still wearing his MAGA hat, and was confronted by several people about his continued support for President Donald Trump. YE told the crowd he had met with Obama during his presidency, and was "disappointed" in how #44 took care of the black community. He feels that it is now his mission to use his access and invoke change through Trump.

Hours earlier, Kanye stirred up outrage among fans when he declared he wanted to "abolish" the 13th Amendment, which effectively outlawed slavery when it was ratified in 1865. He later tried to clarify his position, and said he merely wanted to "amend" the law because slavery has apparently "never ended."

For more information on Big U and his program, DevelopingOptions, check out their site.

Kanye West and Big U

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