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Donda West's Former Asst Has Last Video of Kanye's Mother Yeezy Needs to See

By TheBlast Staff

In possibly the last video of Dr. Donda West ever recorded, Kanye West's mother gave a passionate speech about staying true to your beliefs and persevering through tremendous difficulty, and someone who was very close to Dr. West believes watching the tape may help Kanye through a difficult time in his life.

Nubia Stephens was a former assistant of Dr. West's, and actually performed CPR on the woman in her final moments as she tried to save her life. Sources close to Stephens tell The Blast she's in possession of a recording she took of Dr. West on November 2, 2007 during a speech at Atlanta's Spelman College. Just 8 days later, she was gone.

Dr. West was the keynote speaker at the Single Parent Student Summit, and described how she divorced Kanye's father, Ray, when Ye was just 18-months old. She orated on the difficulties of raising a child as a single parent, and how she was able to find the strength to survive.

Stephens has told friends the video of Kanye's mother has served as a source of healing and closure over the years for herself, and she feels that Kanye could benefit from seeing and hearing his mother speak her words of wisdom, many of which parallel his own.

Some of the topics in Dr. West's hour-long speech touched on topics like: knowing where you came from and where you are going, not letting anyone stand in your way and "Have no fear."

She also spoke on the importance of being passionate and staying true to one's convictions -- something we all can agree sounds a lot like Kanye.

Finally, her speech touched on Kanye himself, and her unconditional love for her son. Dr. West stressed the importance of parents and children staying close.

We're told the purpose of Stephens wanting Kanye to view his mother's last speech is not to bring him any pain, but to help provide comfort and closure.

Kanye appears to be going through a very sensitive time in his life, and many people close to the artist believe he has never fully recovered from his mother's untimely death.

As we reported, Kanye has already offered to not only sit with the doctor who performed surgery on his mother before she passed and "heal together," but he also wanted to use the doctor's photo on his upcoming album.

It's clear that the death of Kanye's mom has been a driving force in his life, and it's possible seeing the video of her last speech brings him some inner peace.

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