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Kanye West Claims He's Not Actually Bipolar, He Was Just Tired

By TheBlast Staff

Kanye West no longer believes he is bipolar, he thinks he was just a little tired.

During his meeting with Donald Trump today at the White House, Kanye delivered a 10-minute soliloquy and said several outlandish things — at one point, he compared the Constitution to a trapdoor that people fall through and then end up next to the Unabomber.

Perhaps most surprising — and that's saying something — Kanye said that he believes his bipolar diagnosis was actually a "misdiagnosis" and instead he believes he was just "sleep-deprived."

That comes in stark contrast to his statements back in August (and the cover of his recent album, which has the words “I hate being bipolar it’s awesome" written across the front). Appearing on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," West spoke openly about his mental health issues and how he experienced his first blackout at the age of 5.

West was famously hospitalized in November 2016 after suffering a psychiatric emergency, which at the time was attributed to exhaustion and dehydration.

On the song "Yikes," from his most recent album, he referenced being bipolar as his "superpower."

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