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Justin Bieber Takes Justin Bieber's Grandparents to Visit the Justin Bieber Exhibit

By TheBlast Staff

Justin Bieber has a major case of déjà vu.

Bieber's grandparents have been regular visitors to the Stratford Perth Museum in Ontario to see the exhibit dedicated to the beloved grandchild, but Bieber himself had yet to see it ... until now.

John Kastner, general manager of the Stratford Perth Museum, told The Canadian Press he got a text from Bieber's grandmother last week, asking if they could drop by with Justin.

"Reception called and said, ‘Justin’s grandparents are here and they have somebody with them,'" Kastner recalled. "And I went downstairs and there was Justin Bieber."

Bieber and his grandparents (that's his grandfather above in the red shirt) stayed for about 45 minutes and just missed a group of 200 students who had come for a field trip.

"He kept saying how fantastic it was, how much he appreciated us doing it, what a great job we did," Kastner said.

The "Steps to Stardom" exhibit opened on February 18 and features dozens of personal items from Bieber’s childhood and beyond. The collection includes a large collection of running shoes — 50 pairs to be exact — each from a show during one of Justin’s concert tours. You can also see his first drum set, skateboards, an old hockey bag, and so on.

The exhibit is scheduled to run for the rest of the year.

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