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Justin Bieber Reconnected With Selena Gomez During Life-Saving Kidney Transplant

By TheBlast Staff

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's romance is starting to thrive again, and the spark that re-kindled the relationship was caused by her kidney transplant surgery.

Sources close to the couple tell us Bieber began reaching out to Gomez earlier this year when he found out about her health complications and kidney transplant. We're told at the time, he didn't even have her current phone number, and had to go through his channel of friends to get in touch with the singer.

We're told the two began speaking and attending church together. Bieber has undergone a spiritual awakening in the past year, and Gomez has always been very passionate about religion.

Even though the couple has been appearing in public together -- most recently out riding bikes -- Gomez is telling family and friends she "is not fully back with Bieber." We're told her inner circle thinks Gomez is a *Bad Liar,* and believes she's masking the truth because she knows people close to her are worried she's been down this road with Bieber before. However, Gomez is making it clear she wouldn't allow herself to get close to Bieber unless she thought he was a "different person now."

As for Gomez and The Weeknd, we're told the two had been "going back and forth for months" about staying together before officially ending the relationship.

Our sources say Bieber had nothing to do with the breakup between the two, and only began getting close after it was clear The Weeknd was out of the picture.

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