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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's Wedding: Place Your Bets!

By TheBlast Staff

You probably won't be invited to Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's wedding but you can still be involved through the glorious activity that is Internet gambling.

According to the good folks at MyBookie.AG, you can bet on whether or not the wedding will take place this year or next — "yes" in 2018 is the favorite at -200 (meaning you need to bet $200 to win $100) while "yes" in 2019 is at +150 (meaning a $100 bet wins you $150).

If you want to lay some action on the who will be the best man, you've got plenty of good options:

  • Ryan Butler (+100)

  • Scooter Braun (+300)

  • Usher (+300)

  • Lil Twist (+700)

  • Soulja Boy (+800)

  • Floyd Mayweather (+2000)

  • 50 Cent (+2000)

  • Ellen DeGeneres (+5000) Seriously?

For maid of honor, there are some equally famous names (and one that we have to assume is a joke):

  • Kendall Jenner (-200)

  • Bella Hadid (+200)

  • Mari McKinney (+400)

  • Ireland Baldwin (+500)

  • Isabella Peschardt (+800)

  • Selena Gomez (+5000) Yeah, right!

A rep for MyBookie.AG tells The Blast that so far all the money on when the wedding will take place is on "no wedding in 2018." There is also a lot of action being placed on Selena not attending (duh) which is a huge underdog at -500 (duh again).

You can also bet on such fun things as:

  • Will Justin have a mustache at the wedding?

  • Will Bieber cover up or remove his tattoo of Selena Gomez before the wedding?

  • Will all of the Baldwin brothers be at the wedding?

  • Will Alec Baldwin assault any paparazzi at the wedding?

Meanwhile, the folks at have a few other categories you can bet on, such as who will officiate the wedding (Justin Bieber's right-hand priest, Carl Lentz, is the HEAVY fav there) and the location of the wedding (USA is a slight favorite over Canada, but betting the field at +300 feels like the right move to us).

Soooooo ... who ya got?

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