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Justin Bieber Pulled His Ultrasound Announcement Picture from Wikipedia

Justin Bieber is fully committed to his April Fool’s joke, no matter how many times he googled, “How to fake a pregnancy.”

Bieber and wifey, Hailey, just sent the Internet into a tizzy after they seemingly announced an incoming baby Bieber. However, today is April Fool’s Day, so everything should be taken with extreme skepticism.

Turns out JB literally pulled the “baby” photo from the Wikipedia entry for “Ultrasound.” The image, of an unborn fetus at 12-weeks, appears to be healthy — but it is also not a Bieber.

Fans quickly called the singer out on the alleged prank, until he followed up with multiple photos of Hailey appearing to have a “baby bump” examined. Mrs. Bieber can be seen in some sort of medical room with two people who appear to be professionals. Hailey is under a white sheet while exposing her tummy … which appears to be flat and tight.

However, he doubled down with an interesting caption: “If U thought it was April fools,” the singer warned.

As we reported, Bieber mentioned fatherhood in his heartfelt social media post last week when he was discussing mental health.

Either the Biebers are such masters at PR, they’ve masked the real pregnancy with a fun and seemingly-fake announcement — or they have too much free time on their hands.

One person who definitely hasn’t considered the prank — senior pastor Brian C. Houston from Hillsong Church, who congratulated the couple on the alleged pregnancy.

Either way … congrats?!

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If U thought it was April fools

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