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New Justin Bieber Fight Video Shows the Singer Turn a Man Around By Shirt and Punch Him in the Face

By TheBlast Staff

Justin Bieber is in the middle of a lawsuit where a man claims JB was not only a thief, but he was the primary aggressor in a brawl where singer punched him in the face. The Blast now has the key evidence, a video of the whole incident, that the man claims will prove his case.

As The Blast first reported, a guy names Tobias Cannon is suing Bieber over a fight that took place during the NBA Finals in Cleveland on June 8, 2016. Cannon took a photo of Bieber after the singer allegedly swiped his shades and claims that Justin became irate over the photo and attacked him.

Parts of the brawl was caught on video by fans, but we have obtained video of the entire incident, where you see Justin take the Versace sunglasses right off of Cannon's chest. Cannon doesn't seem to react, except to take his phone and snap a photo of Bieber wearing the sunglasses (see the photo below, and a photo of Cannon wearing them earlier in the day).

In the video, Bieber can then be seen walking back up to Cannon and the two appear to be looking at Cannon's phone. In his lawsuit, Cannon claims Bieber became "irate" and demanded the photo be deleted.

Then, in a key point of the video, the two speak for about 30 seconds until Cannon put his phone in his pocket and turned to walk away. But Justin Bieber can be seen grabbing Cannon's shirt and pulling him back.

Justin Bieber sunglasses

Cannon then put his hand up to back Bieber away and appears to say something to him. Seconds later, Bieber grabs him again and punches him in the face.

During the confrontation, Cannon claims Bieber made "threatening communications made in public in front of a number of people including racial epithets." We're told Cannon claims Bieber used the "N-word."

Justin Bieber document rip

Cannon filed a police report following the fight outside of Justin Bieber’s hotel after Game 3 of the Cleveland vs Golden State series. He claimed he suffered a concussion during the melee. Its unclear, after seeing the video, why prosecutors chose not to charge the singer with assault.

Bieber responded to Cannon's lawsuit and denied any wrongdoing. He claims anything that may have happened between them was Cannon’s fault and says “Bieber reasonably believed Plaintiff was going to harm him and any force he used was only the amount reasonably necessary to protect himself.”

The lawsuit remains ongoing, but we are told the video above will be front and center.

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