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Justin Bieber Doesn't Want the 'N-Word' Fight Used Against Him in Egging Lawsuit

By TheBlast Staff

Justin Bieber wants many, many things banned from being spoken about at an upcoming trial in his seemingly endless egging lawsuit, particularly the altercation during the NBA Finals when he allegedly hurled the N-word.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Bieber's attorneys lay out a laundry list of topics concerning the pop star's behavior that they deem irrelevant to the case. They specifically don't want a 2016 street brawl brought up where Bieber is accused of saying the N-word in front of a crowd of people. (He is also being sued over that incident.)

Justin Bieber document

Bieber is being sued by his former neighbors for egging their house several years ago. He ended up having to pony up over $80,000 for the repairs and his lawyers are calling the neighbors' claims of distress in this current case "trivial, irrelevant" and "petty."

According to the documents, "whether Bieber was a bad neighbor — either by driving fast around the neighborhood, hosting loud parties or having poor guests — has absolutely nothing to do with" the case and they don't want it spoken about during the hearing.

Attorneys also want to prevent the Biebs' former neighbors from claiming that the extensive media coverage of the egging saga is causing them or their kids' emotional distress.

They're also trying to put the kibosh on the neighbors claiming that "third-party tweets" should be used to justify their suffering. Justin Bieber's dedicated legion of fans, the Beliebers, are notorious for viciously defending the star on social media.

"Bieber cannot be held responsible for tweets and communications from third parties he does not know or control," the document states regarding the Beliebers.

A judge is yet to rule on the various topics and the next hearing on the case is in August.

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