Justin Bieber Delivers Drew House to China for Hong Kong Pop-Up

Justin Bieber has already gone international with his clothing line.

JB only gave hours notice to fans in Hong Kong that Drew House would be erecting a pop-up store, but lines had already snaked around the block when the doors opened Friday.

Setting up shop in a dilapidated building in town, giant Drew House banners, featuring the infamous smiley face, were draped out front.

Bieber Pop Up

Along with the Drew House staples, there are some Hong Kong-exclusive pieces for sale. There were also some snacks with the smiley logo, including cake pops and macarons.

Bieber has been spending a lot of time pushing his clothing line, even though he is still working on music.

His wife, Hailey Bieber, has also been very supportive of her hubby’s foray into fashion, and was the one of the first recipients of his trademark hotel slippers.

Speaking of slippers, if you’re near the pop-up, make sure and snag a pair for yourself for only ¥33 yuan.