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Judy Haim Calls B.S. On Corey Feldman: 'Nobody is Stopping You From Outing Abusers'

By TheBlast Staff

Judy Haim, the mother of the late actor Corey Haim, says she's not spearheading an effort to threaten and silence Corey Feldman from exposing sexual abuse in Hollywood, and is encouraging him to out all alleged abusers.

Haim's mom is fighting back against Feldman and his allegations, claiming she has no control over fans of her late son who tweet the actor. She is adamant she has never threatened or harassed Feldman.

Judy tells The Blast, "For years he has been saying he wants to out Corey's abuser when my son already did that on their show. Nothing is stopping Corey, he is just lying for attention. I have never once stopped Corey Feldman from doing anything," and challenges the actor to "do it already, out him. We're all waiting. My son already did it so nobody is stopping him."

Earlier this week, Feldman filed a police report and restraining orders over online threats from a group of people who call themselves the Wolfpack, claiming it's vengeance over his efforts to expose the sexual abuse Corey Haim allegedly suffered. He also believes Judy is responsible for organizing and directing the Wolfpack.

Feldman says he is in fear for his life over the death threats, and also believes the Wolfpack is responsible for the attack he suffered recently when he was allegedly stabbed with a syringe following a road rage incident.

Haim says this Wolfpack isn't "some gang" as Feldman has lead authorities to believe, but rather a bunch of harmless Haim fans who follow Bobby Wolfe, a YouTuber who has done interviews with several of Feldman's former Angels.

"My son's fans decided to call themselves the Wolfpack because of Bobby's last name – they aren't a gang targeting him like he told police," Judy says, adding that while her and Bobby are friends, neither of them have harassed or threatened Feldman.

Judy tells us she's tired of Feldman alleging she's conspiring to destroy him, and is finally throwing down the gauntlet, telling us the actor should "Put your money where your mouth is and show me proof we have ever harassed or threatened you," adding, "I want proof."

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