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Jordyn Woods Hopes for a Shift in Energy With ‘Full Worm Supermoon’

Jordyn Woods is relying on the last supermoon of the year to bring her some luck as we say goodbye to winter and hello to spring!

Kylie Jenner‘s former BFF had a rough winter, but that’s old news — at least in Jordyn’s eyes — now that the final supermoon of 2019 has happened, signifying an energy shift.

Woods shared a message that oozed hopefulness for her future, saying the supermoon’s frequency “is one of clearing out the old & welcoming the new.”

It also suggests this may be the end of Woods and Kylie’s friendship, explaining, “Do not be afraid to release whoever or whatever has been draining you or causing internal or external conflict. A brand new chapter is now beginning so fully focus on who & what you want around you and let go of whatever does not resonate.”

Woods’ message could not have summed up her past month more perfectly. “Past wounds are healing and long-awaited closure is here. Low vibrational & toxic energy is filtering out of your system, so take deep breaths and allow the density to freely leave. You will no longer feel compelled or guilted to entertain anyone or anything emotionally harmful or misaligned.”

As The Blast reported, the star’s friendship with Kylie was strained after she hooked up with Tristan Thompson behind Khloé Kardashian‘s back. Despite the drama, the young cosmetics mogul wasn’t sure if she was ready to dump her BFF. While Kylie kept quiet on the issue, Jordyn was caught still liking her IG posts. It also doesn’t help the duo are also in business together.

If Woods’ inspirational message really does foreshadow her future, it seems she may be moving on and leaving Kylie behind.

Fun Fact: the Supermoon was named “full worm” by Native Americans because it occurs during the time of year when the earthworms begin to rise up from the thawing soil.