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Jonah Hill's Brother Littered Room With 'Whip-It' Canisters Before Death

By TheBlast Staff

Jordan Feldstein had multiple cans of whipped cream in his bedroom when he died, according to investigators.

The Blast obtained a copy of the L.A. County Coroner's autopsy report for Feldstein, and the narrative lists that "Multiple 'whip it' canisters were strewn about the room, including beneath the bedframe, the floor, as well as on the bed."

The report notes that someone close to Feldstein told investigators the music manager had been "abusing nitrous oxide for approximately one month." They also said that Feldstein had a history of using cocaine, and "had multiple stints in drug rehabilitation facilities."

However, investigators were also told Feldstein had recently been under the care of a cardiologist because he was suspected to have had a heart valve issue, but had not yet been diagnosed.

According to the toxicology in the report, he tested negative for alcohol, but did have trace amounts of cocaine metabolites in his urine.

As we reported, Feldstein was ultimately killed from blood clots that originated in his legs. It does not appear that the possible drug use, including nitrous oxide, played a role in his death.

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