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Johnny Depp Grilled Under Oath in $30 Million Battle with Former Lawyers

By TheBlast Staff

Johnny Depp has finally sat and answered questions in the $30 million lawsuit he brought against his former lawyers, and now the actor is trashing them for playing dirty legal games.

On January 3, Depp filed court docs revealing that he was deposed by the firm Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal LaViolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman back on December 12.

He denies the claim he has refused to turn over key documents, saying he has already turned over a total of 31,887 documents, totaling 97,215 pages.

Depp accuses them of trying to include a series of misleading attacks in their motions and says they are inappropriately attempting to smear him with accusations. He wants the judge to shut down their motion and allow his case to move forward.

The trial has been set for May 6, 2019.

In October, Johnny Depp’s former lawyers filed a motion demanding the court force the actor to sit for a deposition, where they could grill him about the case.

The firm accused him of dragging his feet on turning over key documents they requested in the case for months, specifically those relating to his ex-managers trying to foreclose on his properties, communications involving his financial condition from 2012 to present and various other documents relating to lawyers.

Back in 2017, the actor sued his former lawyers at the firm, Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal LaViolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman, for $30 million accusing them of conspiring with his former business managers to screw him out of millions.

Depp blames his lawyers for allegedly failing to alert him to his manager’s actions, despite knowing what was going on.

The firm, BHDRLFS&G, fired back at Depp denying all allegations of wrongdoing and said they didn’t conspire against their client.

They hit Depp with a counter-suit accusing him of causing his own damages due to his own misconduct and negligence over the years. BHDRLFS&G claimed the actor had not paid them for months, despite them continuing to do work for him. The firm sued for the unpaid balance for the work done plus interest, and sought to have his lawsuit against them thrown out.

Depp fired back at the counter-suit denying the law firm’s claims that he owed them money. He revealed he had worked with them since 1999 but claimed they never had a written contract.

Depp claimed to have paid them tens of millions over the years. He claimed the firm is barred from trying to collect on unpaid dues because they never signed an official retainer. He even describes their deal as “illegal” and any money they believe to be owed was caused by other parties out of Depp’s control.

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