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Johnny Depp Claims Amber Heard & Friend Concocted Plan for Bogus 911 Call Regarding Assault

By TheBlast Staff

Johnny Depp is calling into question the 911 call placed by Amber Heard's friend on the night the actress claims she was abused.

Sources connected to Depp's legal team tell The Blast the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star plans on filing evidence that he believes shows discrepancies in the emergency call iO Tillett Wright placed to the LAPD on May 21, 2016.

Heard previously testified that she was on the phone with Wright when Depp began a physical attack, and that her friend heard the abuse go down.

In his own declaration, Wright said, "I then heard Amber crying in fear and begging Johnny to stop his attack, thereafter I heard Amber scream out 'Call 911' before the call got disconnected. I called 911 to save Amber's life."

Depp's lawyers tell us they have obtained the LAPD call logs from the night of May 21, and claim Wright waited over an hour and a half before calling police. They've also obtained video surveillance showing Depp leaving the residential building he shared with Heard in Los Angeles around 8:30 ... when the call to LAPD wasn't made until 10:00 PM.

Depp's defense team claims if Wright really wanted to save his friend's life, he would have made the call sooner rather than later. They believe Heard and Wright were possibly getting their stories lined up before calling authorities and implicating Depp in the alleged attack.

They are also specifically pointing out Wright's verbiage, that he made the decision in a "split second" to call 911 ... but in fact called much later.

Depp's attorney, Adam Waldman, says "Amber Heard’s May 21 abuse hoax officially began when her co-conspirator iO Tillett Wright dialed 911."

Waldman adds, "But police logs show iO Tillett Wright didn’t call 911 in the middle of their concocted abuse charade as he testified clearly under oath 'to save Amber’s life,' nor at the moment Ms. Heard testified she screamed 'call 911!' to him in the middle of her fraud."

LAPD officers did in fact respond to the 911 call, but found no signs of abuse on Heard when they arrived.

As we reported, Heard has given emotional testimony regarding the incident, and she claims Depp grabbed her by the hair during a brutal assault. Heard admitted to striking the star back, but claims it was to save her sister's life.

The "Aquaman" star is currently trying to get the defamation case filed by Depp dismissed and transferred to another venue, however we're told Depp's team will file a "roadmap" of evidence later this month to keep the case from moving.


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