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Joey Chestnut Knew Hot Dogs Were Miscounted During Record Setting Win

By TheBlast Staff

Joey Chestnut says there was no doubt in his mind he had downed 74 hot dogs during the famous 4th of July competition.

We spoke with Chestnut and women's champ Miki Sudo the morning after each of them dominated their respective brackets for the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest.

The 11-time champ says he expectedly feels like garbage. He hasn't had anything to eat since smashing the 74 dogs, but admits he has definitely had a few drinks ... and may still be feeling the effects of the long celebratory night.

As for his "exit strategy" on the large meal, the champ says he's "loosey goosey" and everything is moving along naturally, aside from some smelly meat sweats.

Addressing the scoring controversy during the contest, Chestnut says he knew immediately the counters had missed a plate, mainly because he could feel way more than the initially reported 64 hot dogs inside his stomach.

He wasn't too worried though, explaining there are counters and there are judges. The judges went back back and realized a plate had been missed and quickly fixed the error.

However, it wasn't quick enough for the gambling world, which got rocked by misinformation and was forced to recall money that had been paid to supposed winners. Chestnut says he feels bad for the betters, especially since the hot dog count was inaccurate from within the first minute.

Miki Sudo, who won her contest with 37 hot dogs, also had some comments about the women's comp, and the lack of on-air coverage it gets. She's hoping to turn that around in the future.

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