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Joey Chestnut Hot Dog Miscount Causes Gambling Fiasco, Bookies Scramble to Fix Bets

By TheBlast Staff

Quicker than Joey Chestnut's trip to the bathroom after the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, the gamblers who won big on the supposed wiener competition got burned after it was discovered the counter had missed a plate.

Everyone bets on sporting events, and the annual hot dog contest attracts many gamblers looking for a quick fix on 4th of July.

Betters who took the under total hot dogs eaten by Chestnut at 71 were ecstatic when it was reported he finished 64. They were paid out at odds of -150, and one of The Blast's resident degenerates won $125 from a $188 bet.

However, 10-minutes later, it was realized the counter had missed a plate of hot dogs and Chestnut's official number was rocketed to 74! Almost immediately, bookies scrambled to take back the money they had paid out for the under.

Whoever took the over had the opposite reaction when they realized their supposed bad bet turned out to be a winner.

Our source's account was immediately "corrected" to a loss of $188. It's unclear how the bets were handled in casinos or other places that possibly paid out their winners immediately after the contest.

One thing's for sure, Chestnut isn't the only one left butt-hurt today.

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