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Jodie Sweetin Claims She Doesn't Make as Much Money as Her Ex Thinks

By TheBlast Staff

Jodie Sweetin is doing pretty well for herself these days, but she says she is not making anywhere near as much as her ex-husband believes she does.

Sweetin filed an income and expense declaration as part of her ongoing battle over money with her ex-husband, Marty Coyle. As The Blast first reported, Coyle claimed Sweetin was making $700,000/year and demanded to receive more for child support as a result.

But according to the documents obtained by The Blast, Sweetin revealed her total monthly income was just $43,614.

Among her monthly expenses include:

  • $5,500 in rent

  • $2k in child support a month

  • $1k on clothes

  • $1,000 on entertainment/vacations

  • $1,500 on eating out

Her expenses total $15,262/month, leaving her with $28,352 every month.

Sweetin has $139,456.25 in a business account and $9,449 in cash/other accounts. The only debt listed is a Capital One credit card with a balance of $2,498.

All told, the actress pulled in $470,331 in 2016.

A judge has yet to rule on Coyle's request for more support.

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