Jodie Sweetin Raking in $700K Per Month with Help from ‘Fuller House’

Jodie Sweetin makes $26,000 per week for her reprised role of Stephanie Tanner on “Fuller House,” and with her other ventures combined makes a towering $700,000 … and her ex-husband wants in on a piece of the action.

According to documents, Sweetin makes $590 per hour while shooting “Fuller House,” for a total of $26,000 per week.

Sweetin’s “Fuller House” contract states if the show continues on it’s hot streak, she will be making $30,000 per episode in season six.


Her ex-husband, Morty Coyle, has been trying to score more child support money in the ongoing custody case for seven-year-old daughter, Beatrix.  He currently gets $1,864 per month.

Coyle says Sweetin’s career has made a huge comeback, pointing out that other than “Fuller House,” Sweetin stars in another show, “Hollywood Darlings,” and does multiple commercials … some in Japan.

She also allegedly does multiple speaking engagements per year, at $20,000 a pop.

Coyle says all-in-all, Sweetin makes around $700,000 per month, but only claimed to make $20,000 when the judge was evaluating the amount of child support he would receive.

Sweetin’s ex says he only makes $2,500 per month as a disc-jockey, and worries their daughter is starting to notice the difference in the parent’s incomes.

Sweetin and Coyle will battle it out over the money, and other issues, Wednesday in court.