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'Jersey Shore' Star The Situation Barred from Opening Joint Bank Account With New Wife

By TheBlast Staff

The Situation will get to enjoy many shared experiences with his new wife once he ties the knot, but sharing finances won't be one.

According to the official judgment documents in Mike Sorrentino's criminal tax evasion case, the "Jersey Shore" star is barred from opening or maintaining any new individual or joint financial accounts for any purpose. He's also not allowed to open any new lines of credit or incur any new debt, monetary loan or financial obligation.

It's not unusual for married couples to open a joint checking account, which makes it easier to pay bills and other household obligations that come up. However, Sitch and his bride-to-be, Lauren Pesce, will have to keep the cash strictly His & Hers.

Basically, if the couple even wants to open up a Home Depot credit card, it will have to be solely in Pesce's name. Additionally, any marital home the couple wants to purchase will more than likely have to be put in Pesce's name as her sole and separate property

On the plus side, any debt The Situation currently owes, including his $10,000 fine and $123,000 in restitution, won't become Pesce's obligation.

Other provisions Sitch must abide by include mental health treatment, which may encompass treatment for "gambling, domestic violence" and "anger management."

We reached out to Sorrentino's lawyer, who explained that the gambling and domestic violence provisions are "standard language" used in judgments. He clarifies, "There is nothing in [Sorrentino's] case concerning gambling or domestic violence."

As for other stipulations, not that it's a huge deal since he's been sober, but Sitch is also barred from drinking at his November 1 wedding.

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