Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson Accuses Ex-Wife of Taking $95k of His Music Royalties

Jermaine Jackson claims his ex-wife has been collecting his music royalties without his knowledge for over a year and even diverted $250,000 of their money without his permission.

In newly filed court documents in Jackson’s divorce with ex-wife Halima Rashid, he lays out his allegations. He claims to have discovered late last year that his royalties were being diverted from him to his ex-wife at her direction.

Jackson says since December 2017, she has collected a total of $93,991.12 which he says is his money.

He also accuses his ex of transferring $250k from their community assets to a company without permission. He believes Rashid has sold off a few of their cars, despite them both having rights to them.

In a letter written by his lawyer to hers, he calls her actions “criminal” and advises them to work out a resolution over the money and property being transferred or sold.

In the docs, Jackson reveals his monthly income is $13,952 but he has expenses totaling $10,934. The bills include an $8k mortgage, $1,500 in child support and $1,000 on clothing. He notes he has a 23-year-old fiancée named Maday Velazquez who doesn’t contribute to the bills.

Jermaine Jackson also says he is behind $29k in child support to another woman.

Rashid filed for divorce in 2016 following a domestic violence incident between the two where she allegedly bit his leg. The criminal case was dismissed by prosecutors.

The two were married in 2004 and have no kids together.