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Jennifer Garner Is Dating a Man Who Lined His Pockets by Ripping Off In-N-Out Burgers

By TheBlast Staff

Jennifer Garner has gone from the Caped Crusader to the Hamburglar, because her new beau was once grilled for allegedly copying the In-N-Out burger chain.

Businessman John Miller is the CEO of CaliGroup, which owns and operates an international burger chain called CaliBurger. CaliBurger opened in Shanghai, China in 2011 and became very popular -- mainly because it copied the famous In-N-Out style of food.

From the palm trees in the logo down to the Double-Double ... CaliBurger admitted it had jacked the iconic West Coast chain's style, but the biggest slap in the face may have been their ripoff of In-N-Out's popular secret-menu item, Animal Style Fries. The one thing they didn't copy from In-N-Out, they got rid of the personable assembly line and replaced it with robots from a robotics company that CaliGroup also owns.

In-N-Out CaliBurger

The situation was reminiscent of McDonalds vs McDowells in "Coming to America," and apparently In-N-Out agreed because they promptly filed a lawsuit, obtained by The Blast, shortly after CaliBurger launched. CaliBurger agreed to change the name on their menu items -- Double-Doubles became Cali Doubles and Animal Style Fries became Cali Style Fries. The argument was then settled between the parties and the case was dismissed.

However, it's unclear if Jen Garner is aware of Miller's nefarious business strategy, or if he will employ a similar strategy while trying to win the "Camping" star's heart.

The two have reportedly been dating for 6-months, but only chose to make the relationship public after the divorce with Ben Affleck was finalized.

One good thing, there's not much chance of Affleck running into Miller while out on a lunch run -- Ben's more of a Jack In the Box kinda guy.

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