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Jennifer Garner's Boyfriend Is Now Officially Divorced

By TheBlast Staff

Jennifer Garner is no longer dating a married man — her new boyfriend is finally divorced.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, John Miller — who has reportedly been dating the former Mrs. Ben Affleck for the past six months — filed his divorce judgment with the court last week.

Miller and his estranged wife, Caroline Campbell, have agreed to all the particulars (support, custody, etc.) and submitted their agreement with the court.

Miller and Campbell were married in 2005. He first filed for divorce in 2011 but the couple reconciled in 2012. They split again for good in 2014.

As The Blast first reported, Campbell painted Miller during their divorce as someone with anger and control issues.

In a declaration in 2016, Campbell said of Miller, "To avoid John’s anger, for years I usually went along with what he wanted when we disagreed … we disagree about important custody issues, and I cannot stand up to him. He is a superb and aggressive negotiator and I am not. When we disagree about specific issues, he considers his opinions as controlling decisions, seldom considering compromises I propose.”

She added, “I believe he feels satisfaction from controlling me and making me pay the price for ending the marriage. To avoid scenes, minimize the stress on the children, and protect their happy home environment, I usually opt to go along rather than risk John’s anger.”

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