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Jay-Z and Eminem the Latest Stars to Go After The Weinstein Company for Money

By TheBlast Staff

The Weinstein Company doesn't just allegedly owe movie stars money — Jay-Z and Eminem claim they are owed over $800,000 between the two.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Jay-Z claims TWC owes him over $480,000 in unpaid fees for the Kalief Browder and Trayvon Martin films they worked on together.

In their bankruptcy docs, TWC claimed they didn't owe Jay-Z anything on the Browder project and didn't even make mention of the Martin one. But Jay says his company is owed at least $240k for the Kalief project and an additional $240k for the Trayvon film.

He says the amount could be more because TWC hasn't been forthcoming with its accounting.

As for Eminem, he says TWC owes him $352,000 for a soundtrack he agreed to produce with the promise he would be paid later.

He claims that in 2015, he agreed to create one song along with produce the soundtrack to the film "Southpaw." The movie was released in 2015, but Eminem says he still hasn’t been paid in full for his work.

According to email exhibits attached, Eminem’s team had been demanding payment from TWC as recently as October 2017 but never received payment.

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