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Jay-Z Accuses Lawyers of Overbilling Him in Tidal Purchase

By TheBlast Staff

Jay-Z says he paid his lawyers exactly what he was supposed to for the purchase of Tidal and believes they are seeking more money than they deserve.

As The Blast first reported, the rapper was sued by two Swedish law firms who each claimed that S. Carter Enterprises paid them some of what they were owed, but not all.

One firm, Roschier, claims they are owed $294,000 while another, SEB, says they are still owed $304,383.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Jay-Z claims the firms each "performed certain services for which they have been paid yet seek additional compensation." He also alleges that any money they say they are owed came from their "own culpable conduct in overbilling" him.

Jigga also seems to say that the firms didn't do their jobs to the full extent, arguing that the lawsuit should be tossed because they did not "perform under the contracts they now seek to enforce."

S. Carter Enterprises is seeking to have the suit dismissed entirely.

A judge has yet to rule.

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