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James Woods Off the Hook in $3 Million Defamation Case Thanks to Punctuation

By TheBlast Staff

Was James Woods victorious in a defamation case against him simply because he asked if someone was a Nazi rather than said someone was a Nazi?


The outspoken actor was sued last year for $3 million by a woman who claims she was defamed by Woods when he misidentified her in a photo of a woman giving a Nazi salute. Alongside the photo, Woods wrote the caption, "So-called #Trump ‘Nazi’ is a #BernieSanders agitator/operative?"

It turns out the woman was misidentified in the photo and while Woods did post additional tweets correcting the mistake, he never deleted the original tweet ... so the woman sued.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the judge handed down an order on January 24 dismissing the case.

In handing down the ruling, the judge stated that while not all questions absolve someone of liability, in this case, the punctuation mark saved Woods' ass.

"Were it not for the question mark at the end of the text," the judge says, "this would be an easy case."

The judge dismissed the case in its entirety.

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