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Jake Paul Run-In With Theme Park Security After Mobility Scooter Romp

By TheBlast Staff

Another day, another Jake Paul controversy.

The YouTube star abruptly left a North Carolina theme park after a chaos-causing day on a motorized scooter meant for disabled guests.

Paul and his friends paid a visit to Carowinds amusement park on Monday and videos quickly surfaced online of the "digital influencer" riding on an electric scooter that was rented from the park.

Several members of Paul's crew, dubbed Team 10, were seen racing, attempting flips and operating the scooter with multiple people piled on top. They also seemed to be encouraging kids to chase the scooter and almost ran over a crowd of people. As for why Paul grabbed the scooter in the first place, he refused to walk "through this whole damn park."

In response to the actions by Paul, Carowinds tells The Blast "We do not condone Jake Paul’s behavior, and after park security insisted that he follow the safety rules he decided to leave the property."

A rep for Jake Paul denies that Jake and his crew left the property after the security talk, but tell us they decided to leave on their own because of the overwhelming crowd of fans. We're also told Jake's team denies any wrongdoing, and point out that Carowinds gave Paul the scooter in the first place.

Controversy seems to follow the Paul brothers just about every time they leave the house. Earlier this year, a luxury car rental came for Jake after he smashed a $300,000 vehicle rented by another YouTuber's dad for the purpose of helping his son achieve internet fame.

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