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Jack Osbourne Agrees to Pay Ex-Wife $1 Million in Divorce Settlement

By TheBlast Staff

Jack Osbourne's ex-wife has a million little reasons to be satisfied with her divorce settlement.

According to the terms of the former couple's settlement, Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne's son must pay his ex, Lisa Stelly, a settlement payment in the amount of $1,000,000.

Along with the million bucks, Jack also agreed to pay Lisa $7,000 per month for their three minor children; Andy, Minnie and Pearl.

33-year-old Jack didn't get completely hosed though, because he gets to keep his home in Studio City, his Ford Raptor truck and a Tesla. He also gets to keep almost $350,000 in art, including a Warhol painting and two pieces by Banksy.

Lisa gets to keep her car too, an Audi SUV, which will continue to have the lease payments handled by her ex-husband. It was also stipulated that part of the $1 million payment from Jack includes $300,000 bookmarked for a home purchase.


As we first reported, the former couple was working out their property split last year, after Lisa filed for divorce following six-years of marriage. At that time, Jack had purchased his new home in Studio City and transferred their marital home in Sherman Oaks to his estranged wife.

For custody of the kids, Jack and Lisa agreed to joint custody, and will continue to successfully co-parent with some ground rules laid down. Neither parent can bring their children around a new boyfriend/girlfriend for extended periods of time unless they've been "exclusively dating" for 3-months, and it's discussed with the parents.

Jack Osbourne's Home

During the divorce proceedings, Jack allegedly got into a fist fight with a new guy that Lisa was seeing. He later apologized, but it's clear they want to work out a longterm way of peacefully dealing with new relationships.

Both Jack and Lisa agreed to not trash each other in front of the kids, or let the kids do any dangerous activities without the other parent knowing. Jack agreed not to take the children to a shooting range without Lisa's permission.

Finally -- and most importantly in Ozzy Osbourne's family -- both parents have to agree on any tattoos or piercings.

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