Ireland Baldwin Defends Cardi B’s Decision to Support Khloé Kardashian

Ireland Baldwin is coming out swinging, supporting Cardi B‘s decision to defend Khloé Kardashian from Internet trolls while she processes the cheating scandal, and like the rapper, she has personal experience to back her up.

Alec Baldwin’s daughter hit her IG on Thursday, slamming those who think the fact Tristan Thompson hooked up with Kylie Jenner’s BFF Jordyn Woods is karma for the “KUWTK” star.

“Whether it’s true or not, @iamcardib had spoke true honesty on the whole Khloe Kardashian thing. Whether she’s a Kardashian or any other woman on the planet, why the fuck is this funny?” Ireland wrote. “Why do we still wish these sort of things on other woman? She is a mother with a daughter who is going to have to live with all the scandal and bullshit to her name for the rest of her life.”

Drawing experience from her family’s own drama, including Alec’s very public divorce with Ireland’s mom Kim Basinger in 2002, the 23-year-old holds nothing back.

“Coming from.someone who was BORN into scandal and drama and being in the limelight from birth AND being publicly humiliated time and time again and publicly living through the pain of my parents very PUBLIC divorce and custody battle… the real snakes are the people at there laughing and wishing harm and calling her names and saying she deserves it.”

Adding she doesn’t know the Kardashians personally, but like Cardi she wants trolls to “stop wishing this pain on other woman and on an innocent child!”

Ending her rant saying, “I want to give Khloe a f*cking hug.”

As The Blast reported, Cardi mirrored Ireland’s statements by putting her own baby daddy on blast for his affair after she gave birth to Kulture.

We’ve learned Khloé dumped Tristan after she made multiple calls to people who witnessed True’s dad and Jordyn getting touchy-feely at a house party this week.

Since then, she’s put up a brave front, appearing at her first red carpet since the news and shading Jordyn during her girl’s trip with Kim as well as unfollowing her on IG.

Sources tell us, Khloé and her family weren’t ready to dump Jordyn Woods immediately after the incident, saying they considered her family and the situation “is complicated.”