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Children's Book Author Sues Disney and Pixar for Allegedly Stealing the Idea for 'Inside Out'

By TheBlast Staff

A children's book author has assumed the role of Anger because she claims Disney and Pixar stole her idea to make the Oscar-winning movie "Inside Out."

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Carla Jo Masterson claims two of her copyrighted works — "What’s On the Other Side of the Rainbow?" and "The Secret of the Golden Mirror" — "depict the childhood emotions of Joy, Fear, Sad, Anger, Laughter, Friendship, Love, and Shy as characters that appear throughout the book in consistent and continuing configurations and colors."

While Masterson does not claim to have met with anyone at Disney or Pixar about her work, she does say "What’s On the Other Side of the Rainbow?" was featured in the gift bag at the Emmy Awards in 2010.

Masterson also claims the book was featured in the Academy Awards gift bag in 2011 and claims "Michael Arndt, Pete Docter, and many Disney executives and affiliated persons were in attendance at these ceremonies and had access to gift bags that included Carla J. Masterson’s book."

Arndt was a writer on the film while Docter was both a writer and the film's director.

She claims "Inside Out" and its characters are "substantially similar" to her copyrighted works. In addition to the film itself, she says the merchandise, video games, and books from the movie are in violation as well.

What's On the Other Side of the Rainbow?
What's On the Other Side of the Rainbow? / Carla Jo Masterson

Masterson says she believes the movie made a billion dollars in gross revenues and hundreds of millions in net profits.

She is suing for copyright infringement and seeking damages in excess of $75,000.

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