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Emmy-Winning 'Inside Amy Schumer' Producer Battling Ex-Girlfriend Over Custody ... of a Dog

By TheBlast Staff

Kevin Kane — who won an Emmy for his work on "Inside Amy Schumer" — is involved in an ongoing legal battle with an ex-girlfriend who is trying to enforce a custody agreement she claims they had for a dog named Mack, and the question at the heart of the case: Is it his dog or their dog?

Kane met Victoria Dicce in 2005 and the two (along with Amy Schumer) are founding members of The Collective, an acting studio in Manhattan. They both have appeared on "Inside Amy Schumer" and Kane won an Emmy in 2015 as a producer for the show.

They dated on and off for several years, during which time Kane adopted a pit-bull terrier mix named Mack.

While Kane claims the dog is his and his alone, Dicce claims she was very involved in the adoption process and always believed they were joint owners of the dog.

Eventually, Dicce claims Kane stopped allowing her to see Mack, so she filed a lawsuit.


According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Dicce claims Kane abruptly stopped letting her see Mack sometime in March of 2017.

Dicce claims in the documents the two had worked out a 50/50 custody split of Mack (which Kane denies he agreed to in his response to the suit). She says she's been just as (if not more) involved in Mack's care than Kane, even caring for him after knee surgery.

In her lawsuit, Dicce claims in the summer of 2016, Kane moved from the Upper West Side of Manhattan (where he was close to Dicce) to Brooklyn "without any discussion with [Dicce] about how that move would impact the parties joint custody of Mack."

Victoria Dicce on Inside Amy Schumer

She says made great effort to maintain the custody schedule, even arranging for car service "for ease of transport for Mack to travel from Brooklyn to the Upper West Side." If you've ever tried to hail a cab in New York City, you can understand her plight.

Kane put an end to the custody agreement, Dicce claims, because he got engaged to his now wife.

Dicce sued on May 25, 2017 seeking custody and visitation of Mack.


Kane responded a few months later, claiming he is the sole owner of Mack. He maintains that he and Dicce were not intimately involved when he adopted Mack in 2011.

He says the adoption paperwork lists him as the owner and does not even include Dicce under "the list of other people in the household." Kane says that she is only listed as a personal reference, referred to as "friend/business partner."

In addition, Kane says Mack's dog license and registration are only under his name and his microchip account lists Kane as the sole owner.

Kevin Kane at the Emmys in 2015

Kane also claims they had no formal custody agreement in place and says while they did exchange emails about it, he never signed anything.

In his response, Kane claims Dicce "began a pattern of disturbing conduct" when it became clear he would no longer engage in a relationship with her. He says that among her actions, she "sent a letter to his friend and production partner, Amy Schumer, falsely claiming he had withheld work opportunities from her."

Kane believes that Dicce simply "used her purported need for Mack as a way to stay connected" to him.


On March 24, 2018, Dicce filed new documents once again asking the court to enforce the custody agreement she claims they had. She claims Kane defamed her when he accused her of "unsubstantiated crimes of harassment, or delusional (and baseless) allegations of [Dicce] pursuing a relationship with Mack in order to rekindle her relationship with [Kane]."

Dicce claims that during the course of their legal battle, she's been able to produce 15 witnesses to testify on her behalf about her relationship with Mack, while Kane has produced none.

Dicce reiterates that she wants shared visitation of Mack. A judge has yet to rule.

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