‘Flavor of Love’ Star Wrote A Musical About Falling in Love With A Deliveryman

Move over, “Hamilton,” there’s a new musical in town and it’s creator is best known for once trying to serve Flavor Flav raw, microwaved poultry.

Since her brief — but iconic — time competing on “Flavor of Love” season 1, Schatar “Hottie” Sapphira Collier has apparently become the Tommy Wiseau of musicals.

Amulet of Love” follows Alexis Hamilton (no relation to Alexander … we think), a lonely but internationally revered singer, who falls in love with a modest deliveryman. The lovers connect after Alexis envisions the deliveryman’s necklace in a prophetic dream … is the best we could describe it.

Collier directed, wrote, produced, starred, catered and most likely provided transportation for the 9-minute whirlwind which has received mixed reviews, including this one on Amazon: “There are a lot of good short films, but this is a different kind of terrible. I seriously cringed maybe the first 2 minutes of watching this. I’m surprised I watched the whole 9 minutes of it. Maybe the reason I got through it was because I was appreciating that something is worse than my life.”

Love it or hate it, it’s worth a watch.

The 5-part mini musical is available on YouTube and Amazon.